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In fact, the square tube is named because the cross section is square. From the shape, the most obvious difference between the square tube and the circular tube is its cross section. The square tube is round. The square tube belongs to the special-shaped tube.


Compared with the circular tube, the non circular cross-section tube has larger inertia moment and cross section modulus. It has greater bending and torsion resistance, and is better from the structure. It can reduce the advantages of self gravity and save steel. So the square tube is widely used in construction, steel construction, steel construction and other engineering construction projects, as well as electric power engineering. Besides the construction and electric power industry, it is also used for machinery manufacturing, agriculture and chemical machinery, and heavy transportation machinery.


The classification of the square tube is diversified, so there are a lot of fine categories of our square tubes. Moreover, there will be a lot of difference in the products of different square tube manufacturers. If the square tube can be divided into hot-dip galvanized square tube, galvanized galvanized square tube, oil coating square tube and acid washing square tube, the surface treatment types of our square tube can be divided.


Hot-dip galvanized square tubes are widely used in glass curtain wall materials.


If the square pipe is divided according to the production process, it can be divided into hot-rolled seamless square tubes, cold drawn seamless square tubes, extruded seamless square tubes and welded square pipes. Seamless square tube, as the name suggests, is seamless steel pipe, seamless square tube is widely used. Most of the square tubes are made of seamless tubes. Compared with round pipes, the square tube has the advantages of large tensile strength and light weight.

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